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Re: News: April 10, 2021

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Well, it's at least more convenient than going on MarioCube and clicking ctrl-f to find what you want.

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Vimm's Lair just became my favorite site for downloading ROMS and emulators. I am so super excited to hear that we now have access to the WiiWare Vault! I have been searching feverishly for a way to download WiiWare games after the Wii Shop Channel closed and didn't have any luck. Jam City Rollergirls was my absolute favorite, but I only have the demo on my Wii. Now, I can play the full game again! Please don't get rid of this option! I am sure hundreds of thousands of people are just as thrilled as I am! Can't wait to download more. Thank's so much!