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Re: SNES Mouse Not Working

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
I heard that a place called DK oldies is a better choice than eBay if you are willing to pay extra. Here is a link if you wanna get their mouse pad. https://www.dkoldies.com/snes-mouse-for-mario-paint-snes-controller/ You'll just have to wait for it to in stock though...

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In reply to: SNES Mouse Not Working posted by Amamiouz on .
Hey guys!

I recently picked up a copy of Mario Paint on the SNES with the mouse as well. The game itself works fine, and so does the mouse... kind of.
The clicking parts (I don't know mouse anatomy) of the SNES mouse seem to not register their clicks, thus disallowing me to go past the title and demo screens. The ball works fine, though. I guess you could say I'm getting a lot of PAINt from this, haha!
If any of you know a solution to my problem, don't be afraid to respond!