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Re: Manhunt Playstation 2 rom issues

Posted by DerpySnake on .

Issue name: "Game hangs on crane enter"

Description: When you get inside the crane in "Fuelled By Hate", the HUD disappears and you can't exit or move the crane controls. You won't be able to progress past this point.

Workaround: Set EE Cyclerate to -2 or -3. Or let yourself get killed after the save point in front of the gasoline, press X to load the save point and use the nailgun to quickly kill the Skinz and carry the gas to the crane and get inside.

If you ever face issues with a game, see if there is anything you can look up, specifically the wiki for the emulator used would be best.

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In reply to: Manhunt Playstation 2 rom issues posted by Bloodriven on .
I've tried to play the Manhunt playstation 2 rom, but every time I get to the level fuelled by hate the video stops but the audio keeps going forward. Is there a way to improve the quality of the ROM