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Re: Reason for Xbox and Xbox 360 Vaults.

Posted by smashburger on .
It may technically work but Xbox emulation is still the biggest pain in the ass out there. So it’s not practical, even though certain aspects may technically work under some circumstances.

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People do this every 2 times a week, and I know for a fact Xbox emulation was a pain to emulate, but there is a perfect time to do this now and this is the opportunity. Xemu has 55% playable games and 2% perfect games meaning there is no issues at all, even if it is not all playable, they can still make an Xbox vault even if they have a real console. The perfect time I can think Vimm will release at is somewhere in November 2021, which is Xbox’s 20th anniversary . For Xbox 360, it is 2 generations old now, so they can release a vault for that too, probably the same date I typed above. Xenia may have tons of playable games, but Xenia is improving well. Anybody who asks for an Xbox and Xbox 360 Vault, please stop doing this. Patience is key. I appreciate you people reading this. Including Vimm.

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