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Re: Need Help With Converting nkit to iso

Posted by GftM on .
You need to go here
And download the link in:
NKit 1.4 + Wii Partitions (3.89 GB) - Includes all update partitions for games in the Wii Vault.
When you have all the update partitions the Isos will extract correctly if you use the NKit as packed in the 3.89gb file

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In reply to: Need Help With Converting nkit to iso posted by dehctilG on .
I've been trying to download wbfs's or just iso's directly for wii but it always just downloads the one that requires the nkit and partitions to use but whenever I try to download that stuff I get the same "file missing" error while downloading. I've looked for guides and downloaded nkit from other places but there's always a problem and I can't find a solution anywhere! Is there something I'm missing or a way to just get the iso's instead of going through all this?