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Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Yeah, but the problem is that this quote

"And of course the second hand market are "scalpers" when it suits the argument. Back when EA attempted to destroy the used games market, people were adamantly against it. Furious that EA would even attempt to prevent us from buying used games without penalty.
But as soon as it becomes an argument against piracy, all of a sudden resellers are "randos" and "scalpers" and suddenly people only want to "give money to devs directly". The second hand market isn't perfect, just look at PS5's, but let me tell you, I have been able to secure the future of many games I own now because of it without resorting to piracy."


"When people buy used games, no one thinks of the developer while doing so, so why is it an excuse to pirate when no one has a problem in the first place about buying games used in the first place. It is immoral to pirate because you are not entitled to taking stuff without devs permission and buying used games is good because the devs sold them that way"

I'm honestly in desperate need of answers if he's wrong or right.

"Everyone is flawed one way or another, even the best of us, so why bother being Insecure "

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unfortunately that is a topic that will be argued about forever. realistically i would love to be able to purchase and play these games like i did all those years ago but with how rare the consoles and even specific games are ROMS are the next best thing. just cause the games isnt printed anymore doesnt mean i dont have the right to play it anymore. Sadly it is considered piracy and websites like this are dated for how long itll survive before some weasel comes in and rats the place out. but as long as we have the desire to relive something as nostalgic as old games we should continue to forge our own way to play.

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