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Re: Is the downloading super slow for everyone els

Posted by HelloPikaGamer on .
Well my download works well if its 99 mb below but up to 200 mb or 400 mb it is getting slow on Vimms lair same goes to other websites,sometimes my download slowed down and restarted automatically.Such waste of time to download..

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I'm no expert so correct me if im wrong. I think they limit the downloads to about 200/300kb/s on purpose because a lot of people downloading all at once is bottlenecked by what the server itself can send at once. Other ROM sites i've visited would offer 10mb downloads but would only let u download one game every 30min to combat this issue, but I prefer the way vimm does it so you don't have to have a cooldown for downloading simple NES game. I hope my understanding is correct.