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Posted by DerpySnake on .
Two things I can think of - you have another adblocker that you don't realise is causing problems. Opera comes with an in-built adblocker for example.

Next one is that you have an anti-virus that is blocking ads. Not sure if they can do that but anti virus software gets real weird nowadays so it's still worth checking if you haven't already.

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In reply to: Ad Blocker posted by ShartBus on .
Not sure why, but I've whitelisted this site in AdBlock Plus, and it's still blocking ads and I'm getting a notice that I *should* turn off the adblocker.

I've disabled it for all of Vimm's, cleared cache and cookies. Not sure what else to do, but I do want to support the site as much as possible as awesome as this place is. Suggestions welcome.


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