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Pandora Games 3D plus

Posted by freedomi on .
First of all, apologies but I am a complete and utter newbie regarding all things to do with arcades... apart from playing them of course!

I recently purchased an arcade cabinet that has 'Pandora Games 3D Plus' working on it. Whilst it has loads of games, of course I'd really appreciate being able to add on some classics that are missing. I've run into two issues, though - any help with either I'd be HUGELY grateful for.

1) I know that there is an ability to play games via USB without fiddling with the sd card on the pandora board. I can hit the button to go into the settings, go to 'External game storage' (or something similar) and all of the roms that I have downloaded show up. I can then manage to select the correct emulator and they play when I get back to the main menu. The problem is, however, that on the main menu they have absolutely no name whatsoever - nothing apart from a number beside it and occasionally 'unknown' instead of a title. I'm therefore left with trial and error trying to load the one up I want - and it obviously limits how many I can put on. I'm at the end of my capabilities here... how do I tell the games menu what the name is? I can see no option for it and have absolutely no idea if I need to add the info as another file onto the USB (at the moment everything is on USB/games/download/'then the game name'). Almost all of my games simply have a .bin and a .cue file at the moment.

2) I have no idea if I can get amiga games to work either - although I crave things like Mego lo mania and Utopia.... do I need to load uae4all through the machine first and, if so, what emulator do I tell it to use? I'm sorry if this should be obvious!