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Re: Premium for faster download speeds?

Posted by The Disco on .
I don't know if a "premium" account is an option because then they're technically making money off of these right? I don't even think they're allowed to accept donations because it's against their rules. "People sometimes ask how to donate to the site and while the sentiment is appreciated, Vimm's Lair doesn't accept cash donations. It does rely on word-of-mouth though, so you can really help out by spreading the word about Vimm's Lair. Thanks for caring." That being said, I'd love to be given the option to donate towards bandwidth etc. as downloads have become increasingly slow the last 6 months or so. In January, I was able to download games really fast, sometimes even downloading upwards of 20mb/s or faster, but now it is slower than 1mb/s so it takes a LONG time to download anything. It's definitely not my internet either, I can regularly hit 100mb/s outside of Vimm.

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Well mine work fine I guess it depends on your wifi speed and strength? If not..it must be your device? So if both won't do it... I'm not sure,not even an expert.

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