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Mario Kart WII Deluxe

Posted by empower1 on .
I have a good news. Mario Kart Wii is now evolve into Mario Kart Wii: Deluxe that includes the following:

1. All covers, box art, disc images, etc.
2. Modified version of the original Mario Kart WII
3. Compatible with WII, WII U and Emulation PC.
4. Just like the original, the format is still WBFS file

This coming June or July 2021 he will release version 5 with more fixes and comes into 3 editions:

A. Blue Edition - Original characters, over 400 tracks, some features from other Mario Kart 8, Deluxe and more.

B. Red Edition - Same as the above but the characters has alternative skins.

3. Green Edition - Same as Blue edition but the characters are custom like Pikachu, Sonic, etc.

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