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Re: PS3 - Transformers: Devastation - ISO conversi

Posted by oakhead69 on .
Use the provided ird file and PS3-ISO-Rebuilder, to get a clean unencrypted iso.

You will have to add the missing update pup file for PS3-ISO-Rebuilder to go fully green and allow you to "Build ISO".

In reply to: PS3 - Transformers: Devastation - ISO conversion posted by lamprey on .

I was curious if anyone has been able to convert Transformers: Devastation from JB Folder to an ISO and have it work?

I'm running Evilnat CFW and I can get the game to work if I copy it to the internal HDD/Games folder. But, I'd prefer to have it as an ISO on my external HDD.

I've tried several conversion tools (PS3 ISO TOOLS V2.2 & genPS3ISO) and nothing seems to work for me.