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Re: PS3 EyePet incorrect ird and dkey

Posted by oakhead69 on .
Sorry Vimm a few more for you.

From a quick bit of Python code to compare the dkey used to generate the ird and the dkey file. A different dkey has been used to generate the following game ird files.

Disgaea 3 - Absence of Justice (USA):
dkey: 73819CEFE085B2C8FE8A92E7F81E84BC
dkey used for ird: 528BE048FFC558605FFABBA624413A66

Borderlands (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It):
dkey: A5B1A2042BCF7715A21B8AD3ED984FAB
dkey used for ird: CC5ECD01EDDDC8228D3CA929598435C8

Just Cause 2 (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It):
dkey: ECA0D1BDAA92CDC24BE9C5571FE6B25F
dkey used for ird: 6A1F61585D5618AA288320CB52C3D610

Atelier Rorona - The Alchemist of Arland (USA):
dkey: 61B50F3E3CA6DDDE953BB62833E05F58
dkey used for ird: 8DFCB81AEC20E0A2E0536DE36DD76313

Thief (USA) (En,Fr,Es):
dkey: 732822BEDF3A481B657A101936D1DCE0
dkey used for ird: BF52DDE00305A3066B0DFE435CF1520A

Sniper - Ghost Warrior 2 (USA) (En,Fr,Es):
dkey: C0D7DA0A597706C70426BA17A51CC41C
dkey used for ird: 79AFBEBA08A91CB4FC106B759C57762D

Regards Oakhead69.

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Hey Vimm,

FYI: The ird for "EyePet" BCUS-98214 is bad.

Looks like you created the ird using the dkey from "EyePet & Friends" D1FA84FE8F0FE2F3CD585D1BF393516F instead of the correct dkey of D47D059FA99D1908219CA314D9EC2ECF.

Regards Oakhead69

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