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Re: PS3 EyePet incorrect ird and dkey

Posted by SupahRookie on .
Hey, I was recently getting into homebrew (hen, I have a slim 30xx) on the ps3, I've successfully installed a ps2 game but had no luck with RE5, and the only resource I found was this:

Is this all I need to know or does anyone have any other resources?

In reply to: Re: PS3 EyePet incorrect ird and dkey posted by oakhead69 on .
Ok I didn't completely mess up, just slightly :).

Looks like for "Sniper - Ghost Warrior 2 (USA)" you created the ird using the dkey from "Sniper: Ghost Warrior"

dkey: C0D7DA0A597706C70426BA17A51CC41C
dkey used for ird: 79AFBEBA08A91CB4FC106B759C57762D

So just the 2 ird files that have been created with the incorrect dkeys, "eyepet" and "Sniper - Ghost Warrior 2"

Sorry for the confusion.