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Re: Anyone owns a rare or other gane consoles?

Posted by HelloPikaGamer on .
Ok,ok..I've read all of your comments,and I found some owns rare console.Right?

What is actually 1×1 console?
The rarest are Amiga,Some of the Sega consoles,Commodore console
Atari is expensive nowadays since it's an antique and the first game console in the world,the first game is Pong

That's all and there is one question asked about 1×1 game console that I don't really know about,thanks for replying ('u')

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In reply to: Anyone owns a rare or other gane consoles? posted by HelloPikaGamer on .
Does anyone or anybody own a very rare game console? Or other game console that is not really famous,please tell me.I wanna know how are you experiencing the game console,whether its bad or good just tell me.