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Re: Replace Wii ISO downloads with RVZ?

Posted by Solarity on .
I'd imagine that maybe Nintendont would be able to support RVZ files in the future.

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In reply to: Re: Replace Wii ISO downloads with RVZ? posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
I would imagine that new versions of NKit could still decompress .nkit.iso files, it just means that it could no longer create them.

From that angle it might make more sense if Vimm then replaces Nkit with RVZ, but I think it's silly to do that when the Nkit files already exist and the ISO files don't.

Regardless, as time goes on, Dolphin will become the primary way of playing Wii games more and more, making NKit less and less beneficial (compared to RVZ, the only benefit I see is that Nintendont can launch nkit.iso files...but Nintendont is only compatible with a Wii or Wii U).