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Re: Suggestion for posting downloads

Posted by Solarity on .
Yeah but the problem with that is that people can report the thing to the company, so Dropbox, MEGA, etc, they can then remove the thing and possibly prevent further posting. Plus, there's other sites that have faster download times that people can use, most of which are listed on FFA Links.

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In reply to: Suggestion for posting downloads posted by cerealandchoccy on .
I see a few people complain on here about slow download time due to Vimm hosting all of the downloads on the site and bandwith being expensive. (although I'm completely fine with the download speed here, and I'm very grateful for Vimm's generosity, distributing all these games for free despite the costs! Thank you so much Vimm!)

One solution I see to this is hosting the downloads on an external site such as Dropbox. It's not free when it comes to storing a large amount of files ($15/mo or $150/yr for 5TB, and $25/mo or $240/yr for infinite storage on Dropbox) and I don't know enough about site hosting to know if that will be a good comparison to current bandwith+storage costs, but it will be a faster, more secure way to distribute files.