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Re: Coming soon to a Vimm's Lair near you...

Posted by Solarity on .
Hey! Come join the Discord we made please, we're almost on 150 members, it would be amazing if you joined.

"Change in thermal energy (J) = Mass (Kg) x Specific Heat Capacity (J/KgC) x Temperature Change (C)"

In reply to: Coming soon to a Vimm's Lair near you... posted by Vimm on .
I'm working on a new idea that nobody's ever done before. It's a simple concept with the potential to revolutionize Vimm's Lair. Lately I've been busily coding and building a new server for the launch (with lots of expansion room) and the pieces are finally coming together. I can't make any promises but hope to go live this month. Stay tuned!