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Re: Remaking an emulator

Posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
This is not the most appropriate place to ask for this. Most emulator creators are not associated with this site, and they are typically against using ROMS obtained through the internet (both for legal and moral reasons).

Right now, there only exists one or two PS3 emulators, the most popular being RPCS3. You could technically ask someone from these projects to port/compile the emulator for android, but there wouldn't be much interest since emulating PS3 requires somewhat powerful CPU and GPU, which few (if any) phones will have. You could also port an emulator yourself since RPCS3 is open source, thought you'd need extensive C/C++ and Java/Kotlin/Flutter/etc knowledge to do so (It is indeed hard to do so).

Your best option, apart from buying/using a PC to emulate, would be to buy a second hand PS3 system.

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Pls make a PS3 emulator for Android I'll really appreciate it?

Re: Remaking an emulator
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