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You do not need to install any custom IOS or the like for Nintendont and/or Devolution. Since you don't have the original disc, we'll be using Nintendont.

Grab the newest version of Nintendont from the following link (it will always be the newest version):

On your SD or USB device, create an "apps" folder and a "games" folder and then, inside of the "apps" folder, create a "Nintendont" folder. Then inside that "Nintendont" folder put the "loader.dol" file and rename it to "boot.dol"

Or, alternatively, if you want to use a wired Xbox 360 controller, get the version from here (note that it currently only seems to work with SD cards, not USB drives) and just extract its contents (the "apps" and "controllers" folders) directly onto your SD or USB device without being inside any sub folders and confirm for it to overwrite any files and/or folders:

Now go back to the top level of your SD or USB device and go into the "games" folder that you created. Inside of the "games" folder create a new folder named "The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker for USA" and put your Wind Waker ISO into there (Nintendont is compatible with NKit ISOs), making sure to rename the iso to "game.iso". You should now be able to launch Nintendont from the Homebrew Channel and run Wind Waker.

In the future, if you want to add more GameCube games, simply create a new folder inside of the the "games" folder and name the folder what the Dolphin emulator lists as 'Name' in "Properties" -> "Info"* and put the game's ISO inside with the file name "game.iso" - if the game has two discs, name the second disc "disc2.iso".

*in Dolphin, go to "Config" button -> "Paths" tab and add the folder where your game ISO(s) are located, click "Select Folder" and then "Close"; right-click your desired game and select "Properties" then "Info" tab; the name you need for the folder of a given game is located in the 'Name' text field

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Wait, I just re-read you post. Windwaker is a gamecube game, so apart from what's in the guide, you'll also need to set up nintendont (which will automatically integrate with USB Loader GX). After reading through the guide, also read through this:

Something cool about nintendont is that even if you don't have gamecube controller ports (or the gamebuce controllers themselves), you can use another controller connected through USB. I believe a list of compatible controllers is included in the link I included. I definitely know DS3 and DS4 controllers work.

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