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Re: A suggestion!

Posted by Aidan402 on .
I like the idea of having a place for user created content, but I also feel like it wouldn't fit the purpose of the website that well. Vimm's Lair is primarily focused on preserving games and game-related media. User created games are worth preserving, but there are other sites that are based around that as well ( being the big one). Maybe if the games were specifically like user created roms that are either completely new games for older systems that can be run through an emulator, or are a specific mod for existing games. That would fit well imo.

About having more social features, I kinda prefer people only having usernames and only communicating through basic forum threads. It's pretty unique compared to modern social platforms and it prevents discrimination in some ways as you only really see a user's name when they post or reply, making the words they say form your idea of who they are rather than their profile pic or direct messages (which are usually less thoughtful compared to a post that is written out completely). On top of that, profile pictures take up some site storage which could go towards adding more ROMs. I think a Discord server dedicated to the site would mostly achieve the same goal with fewer negatives, plus it'd just be much easier to do compared to adding whole new systems to the website.

Easter eggs are always an improvement haha. Would love to see some game-specific ones that show up on download pages.

Those are just some of my thoughts and whatever changes improve the website and the community's happiness are the ones I will support, so I hope to see more suggestions in the future! :)

In reply to: A suggestion! posted by HelloPikaGamer on .
Hi guys,I am suggesting that vimms should add some secret or easter eggs here.It'll be fun! That's not my only idea what I am thinking we could put our profile picture here,talk to each other like Discord,create our own games and share it in 'User Created Vault',The vault should contain genres,an award in this web or badge and.... An emulator for 'User created vault' or the genre + the genre of the game console (optional)...I am sorry if there is something wrong here but I am just suggesting stuff.