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Re: What if Nintendo made Nintendo 65

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Sometimes I wish we can see alternate realities to see what would truly happen on the other side.

"Oh so you're a dumpbro, right? Then prove your legally owned copy of Mother 3."

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I agree,meanwhile it introduces a machine for the gaming console. It's like this,the joystick can transform into a cube by clicking cube mode! And there is the modes here:Cube Mode,TV mode,Pocket Mode and Movement Mode
It has a special feature where you could message and interact or multiplayer with your friends or other people you know (Since it has Pocket Mode meaning it will be like GB or a NDS) also pocket sized microphone (it uses for games and message) it has a dictionary in case you really wanna know what are the meaning of the word.(Just imagining!) :P

Re: What if Nintendo made Nintendo 65
HelloPikaGamer -- 6/22/2021 8:42 am UTC