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Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?

Posted by oakhead69 on .
The ISO rebuilder using an ird file just copies the original iso header, hence the iso will always have the correct directory structure if built from an ird file. The ISO rebuilder then just copies the file contents to appropriate offsets in the iso that the header expects to find them. The name of the file on the local FS is irrelevant, they could be called 1.bin, 2.bin, 3.bin etc
Rebuilder would just need to pick the files with the matching md5 checksums.

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What I'm more worried about is the game itself not recognizing/finding the file, given that ManaGunZ classifies it as a being different than the original. I have no idea what it does; otherwise I would test it in game. I assume that if it was a serious bug there would already be reports online.

A way to circumvent Fat-32 limitation could be accomplished by creating an ISO of the game with the "." intact (though I don't know how one could do that in Windows, except by manually patching makeps3iso to add it during ISO creation).

Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?
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Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?
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Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?
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