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Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?

Posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
How many people have verified the Redump dumps of Dead Space 3 (both versions)? Maybe they were only dumped once, and the person who uploaded got the versions mixed up. That would explain why somehow the beta version (probably the normal version) has become the de-facto rom online. I have the dump downloaded; I'll rebuild the ISO and see if there's anything odd about the main menu. Otherwise, I don't know of any differences between those versions since there is no information about it online. I wish someone with an OG disc of Dead Space 3 would chime in, maybe I'll ask on ps3_homebrew subreddit since mods don't seem to care much about content relating to piracy anymore.

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No it uses the filenames. I was just pointing out the format on the local machine is not relevant to the iso.

On Windows when the code asks for "filenme." the OS will return information for "filename" so all is good with the rebuild.

BTW looking at the IRD files for Dead space 3, the iso size is 12018778112 which matches the release version of the game and not the beta version. So gods know what's going on there without downloading the game and rebuilding and encrypting the iso. Either Vimms info is wrong, or redumps info is wrong or I'm just totally confused. :)