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Re: was sonic 4 really necessary

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Huh, you know what you're right. But the only crappy game that I remember when I was younger was this shovelware Wii-Ware game called 5 arcade gems when in actuality it was just a bunch of poorly designed minigames from yesteryear. I do remember Jett Rocket being good though.

"Oh so you're a dumpbro, right? Then prove your legally owned copy of Mother 3."

In reply to: Re: was sonic 4 really necessary posted by DerpySnake on .
I guess so. It may sound stupid to say that it needs to be preserved, but even if it's not good and no one plays it ever again, it can be a testament to show why you don't rush your games at the least.

And when it comes to emulation, you usually find a lot of people asking about crappy childhood games they used to play, and they're not asking for them because they're amazing games, they're asking for them because they enjoyed them as kids, even if it was a bad game. Some games mean things to people, and I can assure you there is at least 1 person out there who loves Sonic 06 because of that reason.