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Re: News: July 5, 2021

Posted by jlnhlfan on .
The main barrier for me is not wanting to mod the console, which I think I would have to do in order to dump the game.

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Well yes, sharing roms is technically more dangerous than simply downloading them. Though, once the ISOs are in the Vault, it would be the website that would be in most danger rather than the original uploader. The original uploader only shared it once, and the site is the one sharing it in-masse. Though, it seems that DMCA takedowns are typically directed at sites with some sort of cash coming in, which Vimms Lair does not do (probably the reason why it's stayed up all these years).

So is it dangerous? A little more than downloading roms, I would say. Even less dangerous if Vimm doesn't keep logs on who uploaded what.

Re: News: July 5, 2021
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