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Re: News: July 5, 2021

Posted by EliteMammoth55 on .
This sounds great how it's croed sourced but it actually sucks trying to upload games. I got various Xbox games and I tried uploading Aliens vs Predator Extinction here but it refused because of some identification number but so what it's the game shouldn't that be all that counts? Screw this I'm using internet archive to get Xbox games until the Xbox game uploading here isn't so strict.

"When the imposter is sus"

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Vimm's Lair is crowdsourcing The Vault!

To kick things off a new Xbox Vault is now open, only this time there's no games. Instead every Redump disc in the world is listed (with hashes) and anyone with the matching game can upload it straight to The Vault. Any country, any language, any edition! Nightly scans ensure changes are flagged immediately so with your help the Xbox Vault will be the most accurate catalog of Xbox discs anywhere, curated by the fans.

Re: News: July 5, 2021
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