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Nintendo 64 Disk Drive

Posted by TeleportedBread on .
System: Nintendo 64

Also known as the 64DD, the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive was basically an addon to the Nintendo 64. It's a lesser known magnetic attachment that allowed the use of floppy disks, though it only sold 15,000, I believe the number was, therefor it was a commercial failure. However, the 64DD itself gave us several games as well as variants of already existing games, including F-ZERO X Expansion Kit, Doshin the Giant, SimCity 64, SimCity 2000 and Mario Artist. My request is, if it's at all possible, for this console and the games that came out of it to be available in The Vault. I'm sure installation instructions would be a necessary thing to have, given the nature of the 64DD and etc.

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