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Re: How do I upload games to the Vault?

Posted by sks316 on .
First, verify them with Redump. To do this, use one of many applications (like 7-Zip, WinMD5Free, or even PowerShell) to generate a hash for your file (preferably MD5 or SHA1) and compare the hash the file gives you to the one listed on The Vault. If it's a match, you can move onto step 2! If it's not, try dumping your game again.
Next, compress it. Simply just put your ISO into a ZIP file. Then, go to the page on The Vault for your game and upload it! It's that easy.

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In reply to: How do I upload games to the Vault? posted by AriusScorpius on .
So, I've got a few Xbox games that the site doesn't have and I was thinking of dumping them and then uploading them. Does anyone know the proper method of doing so? Any guidance would be appreciated.