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Re: Playstation 3 -- ISO Troubles

Posted by LionBK32 on .
When you download a ps3 game off the internet, it is compressed. When you extract it, it will be in file-format. On your USB, create a folder called GAMES (must be in all caps), then put that file format game into that folder. On the ps3, go into multiman and locate the game from your usb. Hover over it and press triangle and select copy.

After you copy over the game, exit back to the XMB and under the Game category, open the folder called webMAN Games,then webMAN Setup, refresh webMAN Games and XMB. That way you can play your game without having to go into multiman.

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hello brother can you tell me the tutorial how did you managet to get games ibto your ps3 i have no idea what should i do