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Re: guy game for ps2 = illegal

Posted by Hamza lone on .
What was even the goal there for the 17 year old? she would lie about her age to be on a a game where she would flash her privates... and then what? getting money out of it? that's not a good reason for that...

and yeah the game needs to be removed it could be the end for the site and in my opinion the game sucks at least from what i've seen

In reply to: guy game for ps2 = illegal posted by leon626 on .
so this is actually kinda well known there was a whole lawsuit too it but the guy game for ps2 and possibly other systems contain someone who is 17 years old who at the time lied about their age to get on the show appears naked. as you can tell that is child porn. someone might want to do something before police get involved. if you need any proof just search it up there is thousands of articles about it. tbh im surprised no one brought it up yet