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Re: Flash Vault Maybe???

Posted by BrainPOP66 on .
If they do, I hope they round up Joe Momma an the Ten Pump BB-Gun, Gerbil in a Kung Fu Grip and War on Christmas.

"Let's-a go!"

In reply to: Flash Vault Maybe??? posted by Wolfy72 on .
Maybe we can round up as many Adobe Flash games as we can, and give them a personal vault under "Computer"? I figured with Flash End-of-Life this would be possible because nobody's making games with Flash anymore. The reason I suggest this is because I'm wanting to play "Learn to Fly 2" (for those of you who don't know what this is, your a penguin trying to fly). And under emulation lair, under Flash, it can give you a link to Ruffle, which is a Flash emulator