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Re: Idea: Separate Tekken Hybrid into 2 downloads.

Posted by Vimm on .
You're right, that's quite the nuisance. To top it off most hybrid discs are dumped wrong so the video's corrupted (Redump knows). Splitting the content would cause its own headaches though. I'd have to explain why it's split and how to combine it, and PEOPLE DON'T READ. For my sanity I think I'd rather leave it be.

On the bright side the PS3 Vault is finally stable so long downloads can actually finish now.

In reply to: Idea: Separate Tekken Hybrid into 2 downloads. posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
Tekken Hybrid is one of those odd games that come with both a game and film on disc. The game itself (Tekken Tag Tournament - Remastered + a few extras) shouldn't have too big of a file size. However, due to the bundled film on disc, the download size is probably the biggest on the site: 66.68 Gb. To reduce bandwidth of both the server and the client, wouldn't it perhaps be better to provide the film and game from the disc separately. That way, those who only want the game could download the smaller package, while those who want to verify the dump with Redump can download both files separately. It should also help with downloads failing due to server maintenance (as the time it takes to download the file makes it more likely to encounter server maintenance).

Vimm. your thoughts?

Re: Idea: Separate Tekken Hybrid into 2 downloads.
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