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Re: Wrong game?

Posted by DerpySnake on .
I heard something about some of the other MGS games included were either on another disc or presented as a download code. I think it was MGS4 was on another disc and MGS1 appeared as a download code? Not sure myself, but putting this here in case anyone who does know doesn't see it.

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In reply to: Wrong game? posted by PineappleXpress on .
I downloaded the MGS Legacy Edition and the folder says Legacy Edition but when I play the game, it's just the HD Collection which only has 3 games whereas the Legacy should have every MGS up to 2012. I'm in the process of downloading the "HD Collection" off of this site and I'm expecting it to actually be the Legacy Edition if the Legacy Edition was the HD Collection before, but I'm not sure yet as it hasn't finished downloading.

Just something I thought you guys should know.