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Size of Nintendo Handled Vaults

Posted by Aeredren on .
I didn't find the size of entire vaults so I write a linux shell script to calculate it. It is poorly written and does not consider the size of the .zip but only the announce size of roms in the lists. But it work !

(Can not share here because regexp get exclude of the post like if it were html. Tell me if it interest you and I'll put it on a git repo somewhere)

From it I derived the following results !

GB: 098176 KB = 00,98176 GB
GBC: 577024 KB = 05,77024 GB
GBA: 058960 MB = 58,96 GB
DS: 081960 MB = 81,96 GB

This is the size of all uncompress roms in those vaults

The script break for PSP because the list of roms does not show roms size.

It also mean that this are the minimal sd card size to contain all roms in this site for given console :

Game Boy : 1GB
Game Boy + Game Boy Color : 8GB
Game Boy Advance : 64GB
Nintendo DS : 128GB

BTW : GB + GBC + GBA ~= 66GB. So you can have *nearly* all GB/GBC/GBA game on a single 64GB sd card. (But flashcard often need you to put some other thing on sd card too and it can be quite heavy so ...)

One might do better than me by looking to headers of zip download (I'm a noob at curl). Just please remember to not batch download .zip as it'll ddos the site. And remember to put some "sleep 1" in between request.

I find it interesting so I share ^^