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Re: The Modern internet makes me sad.

Posted by amaretto on .
Social media really turned the internet into something evil, everyone is so politically divided now because they spend more time talking to strangers online rather than the people in their community. They don't have a solid grasp on reality and believe this "culture war" is way more important than it is.
It's constantly "left wing" vs "right wing" in all the news and all over social media, it was never like this before.
I don't even live in america and it's affecting us here.
Not to mention the dopamine addiction websites like youtube and twitter and instagram exploit that is probably a big factor in increases in mental illness, it definitely does affect people's quality of life.

The internet was so much better when it was a place to gather information and chat about specific subjects with people around the world. Rather than being a machine designed to suck you in all day for ad revenue

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Whats your opinion on the death of Forums and the end of the golden age of the internet??