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Re: The Modern internet makes me sad.

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Not sure I've heard of this movement. Where can I find more about it? Can only seem to find loose hashtag mentions on twitter.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

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Not sure what Internet Golden Age you're talking about. The 1990s was the least generic of them all, as no set standards were in place, website content was ambitious and creative, and the high variety of search engines made for a very interesting "war". But that was also when we had no YouTube. It was also mostly websites that were so unstable, it threatened to destroy people's interest in the Web entirely.

The 2000s were far better in the stability department, but videos were usually 144p or 240p at best, and of all the decades we've had Windows, the 2000s were the worst concerning virus attacks and spyware. To add another positive though, that was the high point of emulation and ROM hosting to me.

The 2010s did introduce the SJW movement, yes. And I don't have many positive things to say about that decade. But a major plus is the #ShowSomeClass/#KeepItClassy movement, which is where that decade wrapped up. I think class and good taste is long overdue for a comeback.

- Tricob.

Re: The Modern internet makes me sad.
Tricob -- 12/8/2021 1:27 am UTC