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Re: The Modern internet makes me sad.

Posted by MysticalWarrior on .
The golden age of the internet has been long gone. The rise of social media and smartphones killed what was left. Things were already shifting in the wrong direction at the end of the 2000s. Sure there was some decent times in the 2010s and quality and ease of coming across files was stabilizing for many who didn't have access to more underground connections to find things they needed. Culturally the internet was changing and not for the better. You had waves upon waves of people who didn't understand the type of culture that was commonplace for those of us who had been around and built it throughout the ages. Especially for those who grew up online even back in the 90s and adapted fairly quickly to forums, geocities, IRC, etc.

I agree with Tricob on some things, but have disagreements with other thoughts mentioned. Destroying the "regular persons" interest would have been much better for the internet than anything else. A lot of the time I just wish that mobile internet would be a complete separate concept most of the time. I know that I come off as a gatekeeper, but that's truly when the internet was better. When people who lacked the interest just wasn't a part of any communities online. Now that everyone and their great grandparents are online, things can never be the same. That's why you have so many people now days who seek out forums despite so many being small or completely dead. People are craving the sense of "underground communities" to separate themselves from cancerous aspects of political nonsense and social media AIDS. I also have to disagree with the Windows comment, Windows itself is spyware. But yes, more people was much more susceptible to attacks out of lack of knowledge and awareness. Now the same thing is happening left and right with their data from their SMURTFONEz and lack of knowledge towards privacy issues with all of these big data corpos they live on. That's another sad thing about modern internet, pure bastardization.

Good points from amaretto. Don't forget about TikTok and what's happened to the average person's attention span.

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Whats your opinion on the death of Forums and the end of the golden age of the internet??