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Upper Size Limit?

Posted by aster on .
Hi all,
I'm new and have a couple of questions about file size. I'm not sure how far above 300dpi I should go before it's just excessive. My scanner claims to do up to 1200dpi, but that is... a lot.
Also, I have copies of Lunar and Lunar 2 (PS1) that came with fancy hardback instruction manuals/strategy guides that are around 120 pages each. I think to scan them and keep them looking okay I may need to remove them from the binding. Can I even upload that many pages at once? I want to be sure it's possible and welcome before I start trying to work on it.

Re: Upper Size Limit?
Vimm -- 12/10/2021 9:57 pm UTC
Re: Upper Size Limit?
aster -- 12/11/2021 4:15 am UTC