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Do you guys even like Reddit

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
I alwaysa feel like as though I have a toxic relationship with Reddit.

On one hand it's good for some discussion and guides.

On another hand I do feel like as though the constant downvote brigade provoked by the mob mentality in certain subreddits is just kinda shit for me.
And I don't know if the community if just mostly made up of nice people or assholes but that's just a problem with the internet in general.

"Everyone is flawed one way or another, even the best of us, so why bother being Insecure?"

Re: Do you guys even like Reddit
DerpySnake -- 12/27/2021 10:16 am UTC
Re: Do you guys even like Reddit
TomRiddle98 -- 12/29/2021 9:15 pm UTC