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Re: 2021 GOTY

Posted by Rise on .
honestly 2021 was such a dry year for gaming for me that i pretty much only got back into OLD games. i got back into l4d2 and like bo3 zombies and modded them both to high hell. aside from older games, rereleases like kingdom hearts on epic and emulation, i have really slowed down on gaming even though i have the time. and honestly after meeting someone who made my life worse in 2021, they've truly soured my mood for gaming, especially nintendo games. he was the type of person to complain about the expansion pass then buy it anyway and complain about the quality of it.

regardless the only new game i can say enthralled me was Mario Party Superstars. it was what i had been waiting for in a series losing the charm. it is the starting point for new players and the return of older players in the series. the only flaw keeping this 8.9 experience from a 10 is the lack of content. but this can and should easily be fixed with just a simple dlc pack. the most important thing a video game should do is make you want more.

tl;dr in 2021 i lost interest in playing games but Superstars revitalized my thoughts

"Keep on gaming, but never become arrogant!"

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Now that we're in the new year, what are some of your guys' favorite games you played last year?