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Re: Chromebook emulators?

Posted by hench on .
Otherwise, since ChromeOS is Linux-based, I recommend replacing it with some Linux distro if you've got enough RAM.

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Sadly, Chromebooks are more locked-down than even the most ornery of Apple product. You can't mount anything, you cant even technically install anything that isn't in a cloud or offered on the Play store. It's a glorified web browser/app suite. It's basically a phone but with the convenience of a keyboard and bigger screen.

Toward that end, you're better off just getting the cheapest used Dell you can find.

I've tried emulating on ChromeOS. It's a light hassle. Every emulation app exists at the whim of the developer. Since ChromeOS is being updated constantly, devs have to keep up nearly week-to-week lest the codebase of their app is deprecated. Each app I used broke anywhere within a week to six months, the developer conveniently abandoning support and communication two months prior.