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Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
According to the site's, "contact info" so to speak, and I quote

"People sometimes ask how to donate to the site and while the sentiment is appreciated, Vimm's Lair doesn't accept cash donations. It does rely on word-of-mouth though, so you can really help out by spreading the word about Vimm's Lair. Thanks for caring."

I think Vimm doesn't accept donations because it might make him a threat according to corporations in his mind.

"Oh so you're a dumpbro, right? Then prove your legally owned copy of Mother 3."

In reply to: Donating?... posted by hench on .
To the message that pops up asking to disable ad-blocker - I absolutely despise ads. I could possibly count the number of ads I've seen in full in the past ten years on two hands, and that unintentionally and with great loathing.

I'd much rather straight-up donate, if possible, though I don't see any links toward doing so. I suppose this makes sense, and I understand the want for anonymity, economically or otherwise.

Although, I love this place. It's provided more to me than I could ever possibly hope to enumerate.

Anyone know where tin cup rattles?