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Posted by Rise on .
you do tricks on a gamecube controller using the dpad. up does a backflip, down a frontflip, left spins left and right spins right.

to do a wheelie with a bike you have to press the up dpad so i'd advise making that one the priority. for POW blocks any dpad input works.

i am curious however how this game plays on keyboard though, haven't tried that yet.

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Nah, I meant is it possible to play with keyboard, without an actual controller, though I've already found that yes, it is.

Now a new question:
How do I do tricks out of jumps?
Cuz I haven't played Mario Kart Wii in a long while and don't remember how it's done.

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HopelessWeeb -- 2/28/2022 8:29 pm UTC