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Re: PS3 Update 1.91 Request

Posted by Sakavolt on .
I'm just a random user, but I think you should ask the romfinders on the "Request" Board.

In reply to: PS3 Update 1.91 Request posted by oakhead69 on .
Hi All,

Does anyone please have the 1.91 system update as required by
BLUS-30074 Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock

md5: 77ea1cdd80728e5825d473873a604d3c
size: 268435456

It appears to be the only game that contains the 1.91 update and it's not listed here as an available update.

Cheers Oakhead69

Re: PS3 Update 1.91 Request
oakhead69 -- 3/2/2022 10:36 am UTC