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i use to run a rom website a few years ago and i can tell you for a fact its not that expensive. it cost me less than $200 per month vimm is just a leech to the retro game community at least i didn't run ads or slow download speeds

"I love old classic games "

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i've really had enough of self-righteous people... you sound like you are the age of my youngest nephew. grow up, these roms are free! and clean!
here's an idea: download a proven NES classic. no matter where you are in the world, it should take but moments to download. in case you didn't know, the NES was a console in the mid-80s - a time when us kids were more than gleeful to wait 7-10 minutes for something awesome and free! anyway, enjoy the NES game or start a snack, meanwhile you can be starting your download of a ps1 title.
by the time your crappy frozen pizza is ready, so is your ps1 download! play the ps1 game and enjoy! do this while starting another download. repeat this process and suddenly you are immersed and enjoying several great games and while building a video game library. thanks for all you do, vimm

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