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Posted by GameGuzzler on .
Now, I am going to assume that this post is not bullshit and that was the real cost. Considering this website has been running since the 90's, 97 to be specific. Lets say that cost stayed for vimm as well. $200 multiplied by the 25 years it has been around, that adds up to a total of 5000. And the cost is likely higher, due to the sheer number of consoles offered and the amount of traffic. I don't know vimm, but considering they have been doing this for 25 fucking years and going, they have every damn right to run ads or slow download speeds. If you don't like it, there's plenty of other ROM websites that might satisfy your tastes

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i use to run a rom website a few years ago and i can tell you for a fact its not that expensive. it cost me less than $200 per month vimm is just a leech to the retro game community at least i didn't run ads or slow download speeds