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Posted by QwerkyPengwen on .
seeing as how you are just talking about regular old PC games, there are no emulators or ROMS. You literally just find and download the game and install it in Windows like you've always done for the past 25 years.

Super old enough games may require the use of a virtual environment like DOS games (because Windows hasn't used the DOS environment since they switched over to the NT environment somewhere around the early 2000's) and some games are old enough and developed in a weird enough way that you'll need to install dgvoodoo2 wrapper dll mods to make them run under newer windows with newer hardware.

Any DOS game can be played using DOSBox. How to use DOSBox is a slight learning curve if you've never use command line style PC or DOS environment. It's not a GUI like you're used to so for installing and running games you gotta mount location points and directories and search through and open/run things all with command lines so be warned and be ready to start using Google and YouTube to learn. It's not terribly difficult, just not what you might be used to.

So basically for older games it's not a matter of emulation, it's just a matter compatibility.

And pirating PC games isn't hard.

Here's a list of trusted scene sources. You can also just search the forums themselves and see if you find anything with working links.

Torrenting is essentially going to be what you do for pirating PC games.

Use this wiki site to get info and links for patches, fixes, modifications for these older games if they are needed. Just search the game in the Wiki using the search bar and open it's page then start scrolling through and reading.

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SO anyone remember the good old days of PC gaming when Battle for Bikini Bottom was NOT the same on PC as the consoles and indeed a lot of old Nickelodeon games on both PC and Console were completely different? Well my question is does anyone know if this site or any other has emulators/roms of the older PC games like Spongebob Employee of the Month or Operation Krabby Patty and the like?

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DerpySnake -- 5/5/2022 10:51 am UTC