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Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games?

Posted by KawaiiKuroki on .
Are GameCube NKIT files still recommended?

In reply to: Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games? posted by Dabil on .
They were taken down because NKIT is a terrible format. The dolphin team has made numerous posts warning about the NKIT format. The problem with NKIT is that once you compress a game with NKIT, you can never turn it back to the original file. Also numerous games are broken once turned to NKIT because of the way it compresses files. The dolphin team has already come out and said they will no longer do bug fixes for NKIT issues.

So do yourself a favor and dump your whole NKIT collection and start over. You should be collecting RVZ files, which is a lossy format that can be converted back to the original file if needed. Thus no data is ever lost. There are no known bugs associated with the RVZ format. And BTW, you can convert the WBFS files to RVZ using the dolphin emulator. So download the WBFS files, and convert them to RVZ.