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Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games?

Posted by KawaiiKuroki on .
I'm sorry to hear that, that sounds very frustrating. I guess I was just wondering if you could offer any insight into NKIT as a format, and whether or not the files might return to the site?

In reply to: Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games? posted by Vimm on .
It's not worth it. People constantly state opinion as fact, others parrot it, and the truth is irrelevant. The stuff I see people say about Vimm's Lair is downright absurd but what's the point in correcting it? Heck, just this moment there's two people on Discord stating (incorrectly) what year Vimm's Lair started when it's the FIRST SENTENCE on the site.

It's all so... sad.